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Motosel Universal Antifreeze & Coolant used as directed, offers superior performance in virtually every light and heavy duty application. The proprietary inhibitor package is low silicate and phosphate and 2-EH free. Can be used as a top-off but to achieve maximum protection a complete flush and fill should be performed. Motosel Heavy Duty Antifreeze provides protection against:


• Freeze-up/Boil Over

• Scale Build Up     

• Sludge/Clogging

• Wet Sleeve Liner Pitting

• Rusting

• Corrosion 




Formulated with high quality base oils and a balanced additive packages

High-Tac, no-sling additive helps keep chain lubricated

Available in two viscosities: summer (standard order) and winter (specify when ordering) 

Lubricant penetrates the chain and provides start-up lubrication

EP (extreme pressure) additives lubricate under heavy load and shock load conditions 

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