Motosel Engine Care Oil Filters yield the best results when coupled with Motosel Motor Oil products. This combination enhances both the efficiency and the lifespan of the engine through trapping any redundant particles and contaminants circulating through the filter. Motosel Engine Care Oil Filters are engineered to handle all grades of synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils.



Motosel Engine Care Fuel Filters plays a key role in maintaining peak performance throughout the vehicle’s engine life. The latest technologies and quality materials used during the advanced manufacturing process allows Motosel Fuel Filters to prevent contaminants from entering the system and creating the optimal fuel-air mixture necessary for top performance and fuel efficiency.

Installing a top quality Motosel Fuel Filter also helps avoid frustration caused by costly replacements of damaged fuel pumps and injectors, reducing maintenance costs considerably.


Motosel Engine Care Air Filters are engineered to provide maximum blockage of dirt and debris entering the engine. Advanced features developed during the research & development phase enhance the dirt trapping and holding capacity of Motosel Air Filters.


High filtration coefficients achieved as a result of high-tech manufacturing procedures yield better airflow, fuel efficiency and overall performance due to the cleaner engine environment made possible with Motosel Air Filters.




Motosel Engine Care Cabin-Air Filters are manufactured with impeccable precision to prevent airborne particles and contaminants entering the passenger cabin, which are among the main causes of allergies and other respiratory problems. Our advanced filtration system also prevents harmful particles from reaching the engine. Motosel Industrial Group supplies cabin air filters for all makes and models of passenger vehicles, ensuring a fresher and cleaner environment in the cabin.